Friday, July 31, 2009

Betty Boop Wallpapers

Here are my first wallpapers. Unsurprisingly, they're of Betty.

The 16:10 resolution is good for widescreen monitors, with resolutions like 1920x1200, or 1280x800. The 4:3 is the standard monitor resolutions, like 1024x768, or 1600x1200. Ignore the fact that this wallpaper is titles #2, it's because I was working on the more detailed wallpaper #1 when this simpler design struck me.

I've branded the lower-left of the wallpaper, but the brand is in complete white, so it'll be easy enough to edit out if you want to.

For these large files, Google is down-sizing them. I'm working on a way to get them full-sized. I'm a little pissed. The damned images are a measly 50k.

UPDATE AGAIN! Ok, this is comically stupid. Follow these directions to get the full-sized images as they were meant to be. After clicking on an image, to the right it says "Belongs to Cartoon Vixens." Click the Cartoon Vixens link.

That brings up the full album. Find the wallpaper you want and click on it. That gives you a NEW and DIFFERENT download button, with more power than the previous download button (so fucking dumb). When you click "download image," you'll do a standard download. Go find that image that you just downloaded and IT will be the full-sized image.

FINAL UPDATE, I SWEAR. I've put up a link to the right that goes directly to my now-open Picasa feed. If you go there, click on the image you want, then click "download" above the link, you should get the high-res version no problem.

Betty Boop Wallpaper #2. 16:10 ratio:
From Cartoon Vixens

Betty Boop Wallpaper #2. 4:3 ratio:
From Cartoon Vixens

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  1. i love you betty boop you are the best cartoon ever

    luv sophie and amy xx


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