Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bimbo Prototype 1

Ok, I realize that Bimbo is not exactly a Vixen. Actually, it's kind of questionable as to what Bimbo is at all. Supposedly, he's a dog, but he hasn't looked remotely like a dog for most of his existence. Dizzy Dishes made him look kind of like some anthropomorphic block of rubber with a hat. Still, He's an integral part of cartoon history and Betty Boop's history specifically, being her ostensible boyfriend, companion, side-kick, and friend.

So I'm creating a series of images dedicated to him. I'll likely do Koko the Clown as well. This is a very early piece of work; no more than twenty minutes of work are in this image. Still, I like uploading early work because early, rough pieces frequently look incredibly cool. Characters missing bits of their construct look so alien as to be almost unsettling. So yeah, enjoy.


  1. True bimbos character has changed alot through the Cartoons.
    In fact he was suppost to be the star of the whole series in talkatoons, but it seems betty boop became more populer. but he was still by her side, until betty boop turned into a human
    since a dog with a human girlfriend gave implications of bestiality. but nowdays nobody really cares about that sort of stuff unless its graphic and betty boop and bimbo never ever did anything bad.

    He first appeared in the Out of the Inkwell series and was originally named Fitz.

    Also subject about kate Wright

    i found out that She was the Mystery Girl, Who recorded Helen kane themed songs

    but she was unknown, being as she had used a Mystery name aka ( The Mystery Girl)

    It was stated by cographers that her name was kathryn wright as she was the mystery girl

    and all her recordings were from 1929, so mabey thats how she got the role of betty boops voice?
    i just brought a special old fashioned player with the songs on and the information, so i hope that helped in kates wrights statement

    i wish i knew more about the voices

    i know alot about little ann rothschild, and mae questel and margie hines, a bit about kate wright, but nothing is known of bonnie poe

    to me they are the ones who brought bettys character to life.

    like take betty boops hollywood mysterys for example which is up to date from the old versions melissah fahn stars as betty boops voice, but the voice just doesnt fit the character, its great and all but still.

    The only upto date betty boop which i think is great is The romance of betty boop.

    Anyway its great to know that bimbo went throught a whole lot of changes just like betty boop, it makes a perfect match

    its like trying to find the perfect look and when you find it you have yourself a character.

  2. Oh i also Forgot to add, Myron Waldman Or waldmon i forget his name

    He says in the betty Boop dvd interview that he hated Bimbo, and that he couldnt stand him

    and he ended up creating pudgy who replaced bimbo which leads to the story.... wasnt bimbo banned becuse of beastality?

  3. I liked The Romance of Betty Boop. The animation was different, but that's hardly bad. What I missed was the chance to resurrect the more bizarre elements of Betty Boop from her earlier cartoons. It was silly, but totally coherent. I would have liked to have seen a more vibrant, cartoonish world where wild things happen.

    I knew about Kate Wright being the Mystery Girl, but other than that I know rather little about her. That was the situation with old Hollywood. For most people, it was just a job. You did your thing, you got paid, you left.

    I didn't know about Waldman; that's hilarious. I can kind of understand why he disliked Bimbo. Bimbo is just such a generic "thing." There's very little character to him. He's just some cartoon. Koko is unique, Betty is incredibly unique, but Bimbo not so much.

  4. oh you knew about kate wright being the mystery girl?

    which source told you? book? video?
    i only learnt it last week or so. i had never knew before that, i was wondering though

    Some people claimed that koko the clown was grampy

    but he wasnt, grampy couldnt have been koko the clown, becuse i seen a official artwork with koko the clown and grampy together,

    it seems that koko was also removed for the future betty boop cartoons from 1934
    when fearless fred arrived

    i didnt like fearless fred, he was a boring character, now junior and buzzy boop they was kinda ok, but they only made two apperances

    im sure you have seen the copy of buzzy boop
    but its in french.... o.o..

    and the voice dubs are awful

  5. I read about the Mystery Girl months ago. I just happened across the information. I didn't know nor particularly cared who the "Mystery Girl" was. I'm generally disinterested in the early Betty voices since they had only a little to do with her creation. Mae Questel, Grim Natwick, and Fleischer are the people who capture my interest.

    According to the book written by Fleischer's son, they dropped Koko and Bimbo simply because their popularity waned. Betty was all people wanted and I've always felt that Bimbo went bye-bye not because of bestiality, but because a partial-human/animal universe was weird.

    I think Grampy and Koko have very similar constructs. Their heads especially have the same elongated ovoid as a basic shape. Their noses and eyes are also similar. Still, they can't be the same. If "Any Rags" is to be believed, Koko is quite gay, and I dunno', I just wasn't getting that vibe from Grampy.

  6. Oh, true grim natwick was a very great artist, and mae questel was the greatest voice of betty boop, in her early years that is, becuse as time went by her voice got deeper. meaning in them 1934s

    or mabey becuse betty boop wasnt a singer/preformer anymore on the stages in her cartoons and she started to do boring things
    like cleaning and cooking
    and as a girl, i do not find them fun, i dont care what men say! its not fun lol

    Anyway whats new/or what was new for betty boop?

    She appeared in the Romance of Betty Boop, 1985
    which was a great cartoon. which i recently only just seen properly in english, Mae Questel was apparently busy at the time, well i think she didnt want to do the voice personally

    Betty Boop Made a small Cameo apperance in Who framed roger rabbit you can see her as a waitress in the club, and if you look carefully at the end you can see her run and stand next to some other cartoon characters, With mae Questel as the voice role

    their are rumors of a who framed roger rabbit 2, i wonder if betty boop will reappear
    but they are just rumors.

    she also premiered in Betty Boops Hollywood mysterys, I like it but its a bit freaky, i was glad to see her old friends back with her

    1993 -

    Betty Boop was Suppost to make a comeback in the 90s

    but it was scrapped, you have proberly already seen the storyboard which shows how it would have been,

    the story wasg oing to be about her meeting her long lost father Benny Boop, i checked out some artworks from the scrapped movie, it would have made a great movie.

    And the recent News of betty boop is

    Betty Boop, a new musical, will feature music by 15-time Grammy Award winner David Foster, with book by Sally Robinson and Oscar Williams. The show is planning to debut on Broadway in the 2010-2011
    The story goes like this

    In the new musical, the inimitable Betty Boop joins her friends Bimbo and Koko to work her irresistible charm in reuniting her grandfather (who has created the Greatest Invention of Mankind) with the long-lost, true love of his life, while saving the Happy Heart Theater from the developer's bulldozers.

    I Dont Understand Why King features would make a musical, betty boop used to be all about animation and cartoons and now they make it into some musical, all im saying is who ever is playing betty boop better have a great voice!
    becuse if they dont, i wont like it ^_^
    i go for voices for un animated things and animated things, and if they dont sound great i just dont like it.

    anyway i hope betty boop will make a future comeback someday, in a movie or something

    its up to king features, and im not sure what is up with fleischer studios these days

    Raypointer, seems to be a fleischer historian, but i know he doesnt know every single thing, well he knows alot.... i wont say anything more about him lol

    well i guess its best betty boop stays in the 1930s, she can stay as a icon for these days, becuse thats the time she was from, shes suppost to have been a flapper, and She was originally meant as a cariacature of Helen Kane as we all know

    anyway thats all i know, im going bed Woot!

  7. Wow! I had never seen that storyboarded song number. That was great.

    And you want to know why King Features isn't doing squat? Because they're flaming retards, that's why. As is CBS and Paramount.

    Fleischer Studios is little more than a bunch of copyright trolls holding on to the great works of its founder, sucking whatever money they can out of it.

    They're not artists, or creators, or even intelligent! Once the last of Betty Boop goes into the public domain, Fleischer Studios will simply cease to exist, and good riddance.

    If Fleischer knew what his studio had become, he'd cry.

  8. Speaking of Betty Boop Ive just found out, the voices im so glad,2500846

    So i was wrong all along, between the Kate Wright Voice video and the Little ann rothschild video

    It was little Ann Little who did The Least Voices from 1933 - 1934 becuse she went on a vaudiville act with artist pauline comanor

    which is completly true

    so that means the person before her was Kate wright which makes perfect sense

    i cant belive little ann rothschild had the most Awul voice of all :0

    anyway i must put that right sometime

  9. I read that obit via another article written by some guy who worked at a golf course when he was young and dealt with Rothschild. He rememberd her being nice.

    Still, that obit is way off. 1945? The last Boop cartoon was 1939. Where the hell did they get their info?

    Still, when it comes to the voices, I rely on Max Fleischer's son, Richard, and his 2005 book Out of the Inkwell, page 51, specifically. He said that after Silly Scandals, Mae Questel did the voice for every cartoon.

  10. I hear little ann little worked with paramount, and did many other movies but i wouldnt have been able to tell who she was

    imnb are so wrong they claim this is little ann

    i Have a few images with little ann and she dont look like that. and it must be wrong, becuse margie hines was the voice in dizzy dishes.

    oh well i suppose people would never guess 100 percent, becuse there is so many diffrent storys going around,
    im unsure but i think some of the earlier voices were done by kate wright.

    You know richard fleischer he was kinda wrong about certain things, Mae Questel did do most of the voices after Silly scandals, but in certain talkatoons, like Betty Boops Bizzy bee the voice changed in certain ones

    This short aired on AMC in 1995 on a "Betty Boop 65th Birthday" special hosted by Richard Fleischer (Max's son). In introducing the short, Richard identified the woman playing Betty as "consummate flapper" Helen Kane, but that seems to be wrong (especially since Helen Kane was suing Paramount and Max Fleischer around the same time) ( and proberly after helen kane saw that she launched a lawsuit lol) Also in Stopping the show, when betty boop was doing her boop boop a doop routine there was Helen kane images in the backround, which had to be cut out.

    which basically meant he didnt even know who the actress was, he was actually claiming this was helen kane, when really it was bonnie poe, playing betty boop

    and helen kane sued Fleischer studios in 1934

    and dont you think it is weird that, in 1934, before the kane trial

    they classed betty boop as a red head?

    we all know cinderellas hair is always a light colour

    but Clara bows was known to have red hair so im thinking they made betty boops hair red on purpose becuse before that little colour short betty boop always had black hair,

    and then you have people saying Betty Boop was a red head, im like only for the First colour feature her natural hair colour is red

    oh well its only a cartoon, but still

    And now on to other cartoons which you talk about. im glad betty boop got the best score in the votes ^_^

    Betty Boop - the flapper from the 1930s now a major icon, to know about her you have to look into her past. which is what people are learning every day on youtube xD i hear certain like comments (i didnt know she was a dog) what makes betty boop my fav is the style of voice

    Jessica Rabbit - no idea what to say she just sang a nice song, but i will leave the men to lust over her, men always say shes sexy.. and shes a cartoon! lol

    Red Hot Riding Hood - i seen her a short
    Poison Ivy - no idea who she is
    Harley Quinn - ?
    Catwoman - batmans so called gf, i seen a clip they flirt alot on CN
    Holli Would - ?
    Any Default Disney Female - oh there is many of them, also a little secret i hear they are modeled on certain stars
    Daphne - scooby doo?
    Velma -scooby doo?
    Wonder Woman - strong amazon woman
    She-Ra -no idea who she is
    Olive Oil - popeyes skinny gf
    Storm - x man
    Rouge - x man
    Scarlett (G.I. Joe) - unknown to me
    The Baroness - unknown to me
    Bugs Bunny in Drag - i think i saw a clip before on boomerang, of bugs bunny in a blonde opera wig singing with the little hunter man

    I like many cartoon characters and anime, male and female they just have to have a certain style about them ^_^

  11. Oh also

    You know the Romance of Betty Boop 1985,

    That was Grim Natwick themed, if you looked into the credits aswell you would see a special thanks to him

    Grim Natwick used to Draw Sketches of Betty Boop in the 70s, and not the doggy ones

    and his sketches in the 70s it seems in the romance of betty boop they used that style

    Grim Natwicks Betty Boop sketches >

    I have a few others ones , i even copied the ones that man uploaded on his blog

    i have the other grim natwick 70s sketches of betty boop somewhere on a flash disk

    and it so looks like the romance of betty boop

  12. Thanks for the info on "Romance." I'm not surprised that the images are from the 70's. The whole style felt very 1960's modern, to me.

    I'm always glad to see that Natwick remained open to new styles even as he got older. That speaks highly of him as a creative figure. It also, in my mind, puts him in the same arena as Chuck Jones and Friz Freling.

    The cartoon list was the most complete list I could think of (at the time) that included female characters that were either sexy or dangerous, femme fatale types.

    Harley Quinn is also from Batman, but specifically the animated series. She's the only Batman character created FOR the show. She was the Joker's sidekick.

    Holli Would is from Ralph Bakshi's last feature film, the box-office disaster, Cool World. It was not a good film, but it wasn't as bad as many made it out to be, either.

    I chose default Disney for many reasons. Disney has a tendency to group and market them together, thus commoditizing them and removing their individuality. And, especially when Disney was still at the reigns, their characters were all THE SAME FUCKING PERSON. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Lady, etc.

    The only one that broke the mold a bit was Princess Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron. But then they were right back to the prissy little bitches who either need saving or are aloof and uninteresting. Ariel, Pocahontas, blech. Mulan was good, though.

    And She-Ra is the She-it! She was He-Man's sister and got her own show back in the 1980's.

    And Bugs in drag is from any number of cartoons. He was always dressing up as a woman.


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