Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Betty Boop Film Class Part 9

Chess-Nuts is a light little ditty of a cartoon, notable for its use of live action, stop-motion, and animation. Not the first time Fleischer did it, but it is the first time with sound.

I love when the black king first throws a bomb like a bowling ball, and the camera tracks the ball as it rolls towards the white army. It's just so dynamic.

Again, Betty plays a very small role in the action. The bulk of it focuses on Bimbo because, I think, when most of these episodes were story-boarded, Bimbo was still going to be the star. Betty's rise to stardom apparently caught Fleischer off-guard and every episode in the Talkartoon series confirms this.

We're also seeing increased naughty jokes. Betty's dress goes up twice, the bed is visible in the room to which the king drags her, but the bed is disgusted with the king so it runs away. Even the mouse in the wall is apparently a polygamist.

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