Friday, February 26, 2010

Teh Nu Hottnessz

I wrote in a post while back about how much I love pin-up art, but dislike much of the new pin-up work that's being done. Apparently, that only includes North America, because France alone is producing some very promising work.

As I mentioned in my previous article, much of the pin-up work being done today is for the sake of easy money in want amounts to facile pornography. Technically good, sometimes amazing, but totally lacking in artistic texture.

Worse still, the styles implemented by these artists are all vaguely similar, resulting in a homogeneous pile of hardly-distinguishable images. Much like Triplets of Belleville, which looked like nothing from America or Japan, the work by these French artists is a breath of fresh air.

From what I've seen, none of these guys comes close to Gil Elvgren or Hajime Sorayama, but they're all young and better than me, so I guess I shouldn't criticize too much. I hope that this kind of stuff makes its way to the US more.

French Illustrators Pin-Ups (

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