Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cars 2 Teaser Trailer

I liked Cars well enough. I certainly don't dislike any Pixar films, but it was my least favorite. Compared to the multifaceted dimensions of other Pixar films, especially the three-film long meditation on love, loss, and the inevitability of age that is Toy Story, Cars' simple "slow down and smell the roses" theme just seemed childish. They could have added layers, such as contemplations on achievement, or the meaning of life, or acceptance by others as much as yourself.

I knew a sequel was in order for two reasons. One, John Lasseter is a consummate artist and creator, and considering the praise lavished upon him for A Bug's Life and the first two Toy Story films, I knew he wouldn't let the criticism of Cars go unanswered. Two, Disney would never let Cars go without a sequel. Cars is far and away the #1 merchandise-generating Pixar film. Finding Nemo is a distant second. And if Disney has proven anything in its time it's that if people are willing to buy crap made in China with Simba's face on it, Disney will make so much of it that you will begin to fucking hate Simba's shitty little face.

And so, I have hope. John Lasseter's, and truly Pixar's, fountain of creativity seems to have no end, and he's almost certainly been grinding this one through for some time. I feel confident in saying that Cars 2 will be better than Cars.

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