Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm watching some cgi film called, inventively, Race. It's in the same category of "films no one cares about" that Kaena, Battle for Terra, and Delgo. I have no idea how this got money to be made. The dialog is bad, the acting is sub-standard, and the animation is just appalling. It's worse than The Clone Wars, and better than Re-Boot only in a technical sense.

The character designs border on insulting. The faces look like most of them have some sort of developmental issue, the women all have gigantic boobs and waists measured in millimeters. Plot? Not really. The story is like a crappy video game (This impression is only amplified by the hooters), and the staging is like the pod racing scene from Star Wars Episode 1 crossed with Wipeout.

This is a truly awful film.

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