Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Pixar's Brave Photos And Trailer!

Dammit! I need to be more up on this. These photos have been on the interwebpipes for nearly a week!

The style of the characters appears to be a break from current Pixar models. I don't mean by the texture. Unfortunately, the texture of Pixar films is more-or-less identical from film to film. All of the characters appear to be made out of the same "stuff." Still, their model for humans has followed early Pixar, à la Boo from Monsters Inc. and Wall-e, or the Brad Bird look from The Incredibles, Ratatouille. Here, they've mixed it up a bit. The Disney influence still shines through loud and clear, which I guess isn't a surprise seeing as everyone that started Pixar cut their teeth at Cal-Arts, but it is different, which is nice.

Also, the trailer is terrible. Probably Pixar's worst trailer. Not as bad as Dreamworks movies usually are, but still pretty bad, with no tempo, and too much noise.

Regardless, my excitement cannot be tempered. This is the film event of 2012 for me.

Merida encounters a wisp.

Merida sits with her royal family and views suitors.

The fathers of the suitors.

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