Thursday, January 31, 2013

WATCH THIS: Salvador Dali & Disney's Destino

Animation is such a wonderful medium for art. Unlike film, which has a limited development life-span because actors age, production can start, stop, start, stop, and even let an animation project stagnate for decades before finishing. Perhaps the greatest example of this is The Thief and the Cobbler, but another project followed a similar path: Destino.

Destino was a pet project of Salvador Dali and Walt Disney Studios, specifically a single animator. Sadly, the studio faced difficult times post-World War II, and the project was dropped for over fifty years.

Roy Disney discovered the finished story boards and decided to complete the project, and we should all be thankful. While it's not as... yeah... as Un Chien Andalou, it is a visual tour de force in its own right. More to the point, it perfectly manifests Roy Disney's belief in art over commercialism — success follows artistic integrity. Sometimes this is true, other times not. But what's important is that legacies are built upon art, and this work helps to further cement the legacies of Dali, Disney, and "that idiot," Roy.

Walt Disney y Salvador Dali - Destino HD from Ivan Wenger on Vimeo.

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