Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Boxtrolls Goodness!

I'm not posting very often, and when I do, it seems to always be about The Boxtrolls, but I don't care... see what I did there? No? Watch the trailer.

I'm gearing up to be pissed this September when The Boxtrolls — a film that will undoubtedly have more creative spark in the first ten minutes than all of Frozen — will open to less than half of what Frozen opened to. I am actively angry that Frozen did so well in the box office. It wasn't very good.

I suppose that I should avoid being too angry. I was equally angry when Avatar became the #1 movie of all time and the #16 movie inflation adjusted, in spite of having a storyline so cliched and racist that I nearly left the theater. And don't even get me started on The Sound of Music being the #3 of all time, inflation adjusted. And what's Titanic? I think it's #6, or thereabouts.

At least Titanic was melodramatic spectacle. I'll give it that. It was maudlin, inane, and so cloying as to again nearly make me leave the theater, but at least it was spectacle. The same could be said of Gone With The Wind, which is far and away the #1 movie of all time, inflation adjusted. No other movie even comes close. And while we look back on it fondly, it's not a great movie. It's an event, certainly, but it's not great. This truth is magnified when viewed on its own merits in comparison to other films of the age. It has aged very poorly while other great films have aged well.

So, in conclusion, the viewing public is comprised of tasteless swine. Q.E.D.

Drops mic.

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