Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hunting Husbands? These Comics Can Help.

Second  vintage "thing" post in as many posts, but it's just so great! See the rest of the images at Lady, That's My Skull.

It actually kind of blows my mind that this perspective was accepted, widely accepted, not that long ago. This was only sixty years ago. I mean, my god. If this is the world of less than a single lifetime ago, the feminist movement should be immensely proud of itself. Moreover, if this was the world of the time, it is no wonder that we have the current public debate about female sexuality in the tone that it is. It's because the white men who are driving this idiocy were raised on the very values that we see above, drawn in bold, happy colors, and encapsulated in clean, easy, efficient little blocks. No one needs shades of grey when primary colors will do.

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