Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Hotel Transylvania" Trailer Disappoints

Genndy Tartakovsky is one of the more ground-breaking animators in recent memory. While I wasn't the biggest fan of, well, any of his work, it was undeniably different. And in the animation industry, different is rare. Different that sells is even rarer. SO when I heard that Tartakovsky was working on a CGI film, I was hoping to see something different. We appear to have gotten... half and half.

The animation itself is very different. I haven't seen anything like it in CGI yet. Look at the animation of the shadowed monsters running, Dracula walking down the hall, or the husband skeleton who bursts out near the end. Their movement is 100% Tartakovsky. It's refreshing.

The character designs are not Tartakovsky, nor is the texture of the film. All of the characters are cut from the same "meat" as all of the characters in every other CGI film on the planet and appear to be the design work of Cal Art CGI sculptors.

That said, aside from Brave, I am most excited about this film over all other animated projects in the pipes. I wish Tartakovsky the best of luck after his unfriendly break-up with Cartoon Network (they cancelled his Sym-Bionic Titan show because it didn't have enough toys attached to it. I'm glad to see that quality is job-1 at CN).

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