Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bimbo Final Editable

Well here it is! The final Bimbo. The lines are tweaked. The colors gone. The details intact. I'm very happy with it.

From Cartoon Vixens Wallpapers
Bimbo was simple enough. Apparently, Grim Natwick always hated Bimbo. From an animator's perspective, I can understand why. Bimbo is very much lacking any serious character. He almost seems like a default, background-level construct, only he's the star of the show. Betty and Koko are unique, especially Betty, who's general look has never been matched or copied.

I think he deserves a bit more credit than Natwick gave him, though. Since he was effectively the genesis of all of the cartoon tropes that constitute his construct. He's got the shirt with no pants. He's got the white gloves. He's got the big-ass eyeballs. There's no character to him because when he came out, these elements were new.

I added some texture to his shoes and some shadows under his feet, but otherwise he looks identical to the widely available character sheet. I'll have some wallpapers up soon. Cheers.


  1. wow grim natwick hated bimbo aswell? i never would have guessed

    But some Rumor says Grim just couldnt let go of betty boops dog ears so they were replaced by hoop earrings to even the balance

    also myron waldman hated bimbo which he said in the betty boop dvd i have

    you know betty boops biopgrahy
    he said he couldnt stand him and created pudgy the dog who was very cute but boring

  2. Yeah. I think that the animators disliked Bimbo because he was just a default "cartoon." No real character behind his eyes, he just WAS a cartoon and could be placed in cartoon circumstances. By the mid-thirties, animators were much more adept at creating lots of great characters with a stronger grasp of the now-ubiquitous animation and design principles. When there's so much great shit to be made, being forced to stick to an old, bland design must be annoying.


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