Monday, November 2, 2009

John Lasseter Sticks it to Michael Eisner.

"I've never understood why the studios were saying people don't want to see hand-drawn animation... What people don't want to watch is a bad movie."

Or so says John Lasseter. And by people, he of course means Michael Eisner, a.k.a the guy who shut down traditional animation at Disney.

He's probably also reveling in the fact that he's basically Disney's saving grace. Disney had been doing nothing but milking their properties and driving their value into the fucking dirt for nearly a decade. By squeezing every ounce of blood from their IP, they left art and artistic integrity so far behind they couldn't find it again with Hubble. They truly had become the "rapacious, soul-less" company that Roy E. Disney had accused them of becoming. For lack of a better word, they were hopeless.

But here we are, 2009, Disney's hopes and dreams riding on the work of a bunch of guys that they freaking FIRED. They fired Lasseter back in the early 80's, after they decided that CGI films were going nowhere (how forward-thinking), and they fired John Musker and Ron Clements in 2004 after declaring that traditional animation was dead (how forward-thinking).

Disney fucking deserves to fail, but these guys deserve to succeed. I guess it's good that I like these guys more than I hate Disney. It's because of them that I feel so confident that this is going to be a complete rebirth of the Disney company. It's because of them Disney is saved. It's because of them animation is serious, again.

For 'Princess,' Disney Returns To Traditional Animation Style (


  1. I love animated cartoons which are hand drawn

    it seems since a bugs life disney pixar have seem to have made themselfs super populer....

    i like 3d animation but sometimes its just too much.

    mabey they use the animation pixar becuse they sacked alot of the artists?

    but it seems they still do the consept art
    becuse i saw a few for the disneys new movie up or down or w/e its called.

    Oh did you hear the rumor about a roger rabbit sequal? called roger rabbit 2? it seems it didnt make it, i doubt they would have been able to beat the first feature who framed roger rabbit

  2. I love 3D animation. I remember some of the earliest days back in the late 1980's, when it was just starting to trickle into the consumer market.

    My parents were always pretty technically inclined people, so we usually had a new-ish computer on hand. This meant that all the coolest games were at my disposal. 3D animation was so badass.

    And THEN, oh my god and then, Virtua Fighter came out in arcades. The first 3D fighting game. It looked like crap, but it was a GAME! I've had a soft spot in my heart for 3D ever since Virtua Fighter.

    And I had heard about the sequel and am somewhat hopeful. It's apparently been banging around Hollywood boardrooms for a number of years. I am... cautious in my optimism. A sequel after so long is usually never a good idea.


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