Monday, November 16, 2009

First Bimbo Wallpapers

My first Bimbo wallpapers! He may not be a vixen, but his name is now basically a derogatory term for women, and I'm pretty sure I'm insulting women by objectifying them on this website, so it all comes full circle. Or something.

4:3 ratio
From Cartoon Vixens Wallpapers

16:10 ratio
From Cartoon Vixens Wallpapers


  1. i think a vixen is called a fox where i live
    people dont use the word much unless they are using it to call someone spiteful mainly my grandfather says that to my grandmother when they fight only in games and american movies/cartoons i have heard the word so i know it can mean a variety of things

    well thats the bimbo wallpaper finished good work

    Time for me to rigt click and save into my Betty Boop Folder.

  2. Really? Where do you live? I've only ever heard the term vixen to describe a cunning, sexual woman...

    Oh wow! I just looked it up on It does mean fox!

    And the second is a quarrelsome woman. Wow. My understanding the term always involved a manipulative, but overtly sexual woman. I guess that explains it being the feminine variant of "fox."

    And make sure to use the "download" button on Picasa to download the actual file. Picasa makes downloading with a right-click a pain in the ass.

    And don't use the FIRST download button! It's SO annoying. Click the link to go to the entire album, then click on the image that you want. Then use THAT download button.

    You want to make sure that the download button triggers a small drop-down menu that says "download photo."


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